【9.13--9.15】The 2nd EPB workshop

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The 2nd EPB workshop: STERN Workshop on Scientific Challenges in Ionospheric Plasma Bubble Forecasting
13 - 15 September 2019
Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGGCAS)

Conference Chair:

  Weixing Wan, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGGCAS), Beijing, 100029, China

  Hisao Takahashi (Convener) (Brazil)
  Yuichi Otsuka (Co-convener) (Japan)
  Baiqi Ning (IGGCAS local organizer)
  Libo Liu (IGGCAS local organizer)
  Zhongxia Zhou (IGGCAS local organizer)

  Room No. 1, 3nd floor, Building No.1
  Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

  This workshop aims to focus mainly on the scientific challenges in ionospheric plasma bubble forecasting, and organize in depth discussion by eminent scientists working on ionospheric irregularities all over the world.
    The topics include,
  · The coupling processes in the atmosphere-ionosphere and ionosphere-magnetosphere systems that affect the seeding and development of equatorial plasma bubbles.
  · The current status, challenges and future directions in ionospheric plasma bubble forecasting.
  · The techniques for remote sensing the ionosphere such as coherent and incoherent scatter radars, coordinated campaigns to investigate the variability of low latitude ionosphere using multiple instruments, and plasma bubble model simulations.
  · The social impacts of plasma bubbles on space-based high technology.

Contact information
  Secretary general: Guozhu Li, +86 10 82998310, gzlee (at) mail.iggcas.ac.cn
  Xiukuan Zhao, +86 10 82998360, zxk (at) mail.iggcas.ac.cn
  Haiyong Xie, +86 10 82998168, xiehy (at) mail.iggcas.ac.cn